Thank you to all who came out to our special signing event in Singapore! We loved meeting everyone and getting a chance to share our tokidoki love with you! Take a look at the photos below from some of our fans! A special thanks to our sponsors who helped make the event a success! Bugis+ Canon Singapore Cheese Steak Shop 10899387_756186867763775_192324638_n Photo: @little_twin_starz 10914197_326929047512883_1982471700_n Photo: @lonerver 10903510_397345143745988_1412533221_n Photo: @lonerever 10895183_701597243287598_1427966986_n Photo: @lonerever 10894962_1534628740149473_251233430_n Photo: @akane25 10899128_929130830452570_514860261_n Photo: @cherylarastal 10932188_322871964590384_597301967_n Photo: @qiqi16 10914449_877974235586603_579839256_n Photo: @qiqi16 10919540_1404099826550222_256772105_n Photo: @zealousli 10895391_765733700185207_1596193983_n Photo: @emilypohs 10914164_831153473612699_1481738395_n Photo: @huihuitofu 10903569_837712879619248_1755071182_n Photo: @akane25 10919216_683051595148517_736220910_n Photo: @rubiistarr 10919736_303238839885675_1365197207_n Photo: @kerrymedia
January 13, 2015 — andres