there has just been WAY too much incredible tokidoki ink art showing up to ignore it anymore! we are happy that we are getting many questions about sharing your tattoo here.. so for everybody who is ready to show off your tokidoki ink, please send pictures to and we will put them up!! kitty.jpg bird_tattoo.jpg hawaii_girl1.jpg hawaii_girl2.jpg after1.jpg erika_leg1.jpg special thanks to our dear friend Jamie from Japan LA for these next photos! tattoobolle2.jpg cloudia2.jpg unknown.jpg ink1.jpg ink23.jpg ninjagirl.jpg adiosrainbowstar1.jpg adiosanc.jpg devilgirl.jpg polpebastardinobog.jpg adiostars.jpg tdtatoobirds2.jpg sparrow.jpg adiostarrist1.jpg
March 05, 2007 — admin