For Spring 2013, tokidoki and Ju-Ju-Be are happy to introduce... toki Perky! It is a perfect blend of our two brands… super fun tokidoki characters playing on a pastel version Ju-Ju-Be's Perky Perennials! HoboBe TOKI PERKY blog_spring2013_tokidoki_x_jujube_collection_01 Be Prepared TOKI PERKY blog_spring2013_tokidoki_x_jujube_collection_02 Be Quick TOKI PERKY blog_spring2013_tokidoki_x_jujube_collection_03 Be Neat TOKI PERKY blog_spring2013_tokidoki_x_jujube_collection_06 Fuel Cell TOKI PERKY blog_spring2013_tokidoki_x_jujube_collection_04 Shop toki Perky online and in-store. Check out more pix on Ju-Ju-Be's blog! :)
February 05, 2013 —