This weekend I lived one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Guess what?! I was invited by Fiat and the Fiat Yamaha Team to Motegi, the world famous Japanese race track to participate in the Grand Prix of Japan! For three incredible days I lived on the track, in the paddock and in the pitboxes with the worlds fastest MotoGP riders. To reach Motegi I passed by the wonderful Japanese countryside near Mito in a Fiat 500C. The weekend was perfect, and the weather was great. Day 1, free practice of the MotoGP. I was so excited to discover the MotoGP world and when I got there the reality was even better than I imagined! I would meet the nine time World Champion Valentino Rossi; the legendary Italian rider of the Fiat Yamaha Team was in the pitlane to greet his fans! I wasn’t surprised to see such a huge crowd for him in the pitlane of Motegi... Being in the pits when the mechanics and engineers were preparing the Yamaha M1 was an incredible experience. These bikes are super precise machines that achieve unbelievable performance! I had the chance to meet Valentino Rossi, one of my legends since the beginning of his career. We had a chat inside the pits: I was really happy to learn he already knew tokidoki. We also exchanged contacts: it’s great knowing that a world champion such as Valentino can be such a down-to-earth and nice guy. Sitting in the inside border of the track I experienced the real show of the MotoGP: I could see riders such as Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo speeding around the curves. This way, I could appreciate the speed, power and elegance of these bikes. They definitely rock! Everybody here is so busy and unfortunately I couldn’t meet Jorge Lorenzo. He's only 23 years old but hes already driving fans crazy: he is a “chosen one” destined to a magnificent career! SUNDAY - Race day finally arrives: the atmosphere it’s thrilling and my heart is pounding! The bikes are ready to hit the track, mechanics are busy with some last minute tweaks and cute umbrella girls entertain the fans... A few minutes till the green light: Valentino and Jorge only need to put on their helmets and jump on their M1s!  The battle between Rossi and Lorenzo was unbelievable: the crowd was excited and I was lucky enough watch it STANDING ON THE SIDE OF THE TRACK!

 The Fiat Yamaha riders ended up with a respectable third and fourth place...  The podium was a special moment to celebrate a wonderful race and a happy closure of my experience. I want to thank all the wonderful people I met and the whole Fiat Yamaha Team working behind Valentino and Jorge! Definitely, I will be an even BIGGER fan than I was before. Sayonara!
October 03, 2010 — admin