We are all really excited about our collaboration with Ju-Ju-Be fall collection, "Fairytella"! Treat yourself to our super cute collab collection which features an adorable fairytale inspired print on a variety of incredibly useful mommy gear.  This enchanting print features your favorite tokidoki characters interacting with some criminally cute fairytale classics.  Escape a fire breathing dragon with your knight in shining armor, summon a genie in a bottle, meet your prince charming, take a dip with mermaids, and fly around with some kawaii fairies! Stay prepared in style with any of these bags and baby accessories! JuJuBeFall600x600v2-Preview-2 "Be Prepared" - This bag is perfect for an over-packer. With a multitude of interior and exterior pockets, this bag is sure to have more than enough room for anything you need to stash over-night or for a trip to the park - even art supplies! Fully accustomed with magnets and a zipper closure system, this bag gives you easy access to your belongings making traveling, packing, and stashing easier than ever before. BePrepared3 "Be Neat" - This super cute bib makes feeding time a breeze! With a crumb catcher at the bottom and a magnetic closure, you won't find an easier way to keep your child comfortable and clean when it's time for a snack. Best part is: it's machine washable and made of teflon so the stains won't stick! BeNeat1 "Be Quick" - Rearrange some of the items in your purse or carry this around as a small bag on its own! This mini-size bag is the perfect medium between a small purse and a secret compartment. Either way, its sure to be a quick and easy way to stash away small things when you're on-the-go!BeQuick1 "Be Right Back" - This backpack is one of our highly requested styles! This bag is the perfect mix between a fully functional backpack and a cute and stylish bag. This bag offers comfort with its curved and padded shoulder straps, organization with its multi-purpose pockets and its two exterior insulated bottle pockets, protection with its memory foam pads in the zipper compartments, customization with picture pockets, and easy access with its large pockets and light-colored linings so you can fully see what you've stored inside! BeRightBack1 "Better Be" - It's machine washable, lined with light-colored antimicrobial material, organized, super cute, and totally functional. What more could you want in a diaper bag? BetterBe4 "B.F.F." - This style is called "BFF" for a reason - with tons of pockets and organization, detachable shoulder straps and messenger straps, and super cute style, you will find that this bag will soon become your new best friend. Fully furnished with a memory foam changing pad, cell phone pockets, large zippers, picture pockets, back pockets, and crumb drains, you'll never find a more fashionable and dependable bag than this!BFF1 "Fuel Cell" - Ever had trouble fitting water bottles in your lunch box? You won't have that problem with the Fuel Cell bag.  This criminally cute lunch-pail has enough room for three tall bottles and more! And you won't have you to worry about your frosty or toasty lunch items losing their cool (or heat) thanks to the 3M Thinsulate lining. Best part is that it's machine washable, making it easy to keep clean in case of any spills or messes!FuelCell1 "HoboBe" - This bag is perfectly dual-purposed - it could be a purse and it could be a diaper bag. Fully furnished with a mommy pocket, 2 exterior insulated beverage pockets, tons of zippers and pockets for efficient organization, adjustable straps, memory foam, a changing pad, antimicrobial linings (to kill germs and bacteria), and light colored linings, this bag is perfect for mommies. And it's super cute - so you can wear it as a stylish bag too! HoboBe1 "Paci Pod" - This wrist friendly bag is perfect for fitting in the little things - iPods, phones, retainers, pacifiers, jewelry, lunch money, etc! Serves as a super cute way to secure your smaller items when you're on the go!PaciPod1 "Super Be" - This bag is called "Super Be" for a reason - it's super cute, super lightweight, super roomy, and super handy. The zipper closure on top will keep your items inside perfectly secure.  This bag is fully furnished with an extra long key clip in the interior (so you'll never have to fish around for your keys), exterior and interior pockets, a back pocket perfect for reading material storage, antimicrobial lining, and light-colored lining so you'll be able to see everything you've stored inside! SuperBe1
August 12, 2013 — sara@tokidoki.it