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Fight For Your Right On Saturday, May 4, 2013, Toy Art Gallery presented "Fight For Your Right", Fight The City's first annual custom boxing glove showcase. Fight The City has partnered with talented artists from around the world to create unique one of a kind custom boxing gloves. Fight The City makes artist-driven gloves and gear to give fighters a choice of how to express themselves when they step into the ring. There was a showcase of 40 gloves. Toy Art Gallery exhibited and had for sale 10 pairs of gloves exclusively, while the remaining gloves will be auctioned off at the New York city showing on May 9th on Fight The City's eBay page. A portion of all gloves proceeds benefit the Hoods to Woods Foundation. This foundation helps inner city kids get out to the wilderness to learn, grow, and become all they can be through outdoor activities such as snowboarding. "Fight For Your Right" features custom boxing gloves designed by Simone Legno, along with the  following artists: Angry Woebots, Abe Lincoln Jr, Alex Kirzhner, Bwana Spoons, Cope2, Dan Lizowski, DreS13, Frank Kozik, Indie184, Jay222, Jon Contino, Justin Carty, Kano, Kronk, Lou Pimentel, Lucky Nakazawa, Mca, Mike Jones, Ryan Mcguire, Sara Martin, Scarecrowoven, Shane Jessup, Shut NYC, Skinner, Skwak, Spanky Stokes, & Toofly Exclusive to Toy Art Gallery: Akira Kiriya, Anthony Ausgang, David Flores, Devilrobots, Ron English, Shojonotomo, Task One, Tetsuya Chiba, tokidoki, & Paul Frank (brand). Here are the custom boxing gloves painted by Simone Legno, which was on display at Toy Art Gallery for "Fight For Your Right" Custom Boxing Glove Showcase: Fight For Your Right Booxing Gloves Artwork by Simone Legno More images below: Fight For Your Right Booxing Gloves Artwork by Simone Legno Fight For Your Right Booxing Gloves Artwork by Simone Legno Fight For Your Right Booxing Gloves Artwork by Simone Legno
How to measure
Measure under your arms at the fullest part of your chest.
Lift your arms and measure around the highest part of your chest and shoulder blades
Natural Waist
Measure around the narrowest part of your waistline, directly under your bust.
With feet slightly apart, measure around the fullest part of your hips.

All measurements are listed in inches unless otherwise noted

Please note that these are general size guidelines and some styles may fit differently than others