DGK x TKDK!!! We've been really excited about our collaboration with DGK all year long and it is finally here (just in time for the holidays)! This collabo features Simone's rendition of pro skater Stevie Williams and mixes TKDK characters with a lot of DGK attitude. This collection features: apparel, hats, skate decks, wheel, and a collectible action figure! Feast your eyes on the DGK x TKDK collabo! Details of our hats: Ghetto Vandal and Ghetto Figther Mayhem and Lil'Stevie skate decks Stevie Williams Limited Edition Action Figure features Stevie wearing his 'I Love Haters!' t-shirt, DGK chain, removable DGK baseball cap, camo DGK pants, blue sneakers... and of course it comes with a skate deck! The DGK x TKDK collabo is now available online. DGK ALL DAY!
November 20, 2012 — maria@tokidoki.it