New Frozen Treats Unicorno Plushies!

As Summer heats up, nothing's more refreshing than a delicious frozen treat like your favorite popsicle or ice cream! tokidoki is here to help you stay cool with our Frozen Treats Unicorno Plush Series!  These unique Unicornos honor the yummy treats you love to eat on a warm day, or whenever you feel like enjoying something delicious!  Come chill out with tokidoki and the Frozen Treats Unicornos and enjoy a sweet adventure!

New tokidoki x JuJuBe toki tiki!

Set sail on a vintage island adventure with tokidoki × JuJuBe’s new toki tiki collection! Featuring vibrant sunset tones and tropical motifs, these bags showcase beloved tokidoki characters and create a kaleidoscope of retro charm. Transport your customers to a paradise full of sun, sea, and style!


New 2025 Calendars and Planners!

Discover a world of sweetness with Donutella, Dolce, and other irresistibly charming characters from the tokidoki universe in the collection of 2025 calendars and planners!