7-Eleven Presents Hello Kitty x tokidoki TVC

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today marks the launch of the extremely CUTE limited edition Hello Kitty x tokidoki TVC at 7-Eleven in Hong Kong! Check out this video:

This promo launches today, December 7, 2011 exclusively in Hong Kong and will run through the beginning of 2012.

Fans in Hong Kong will be able to collect 22 Hello Kitty x tokidoki keychain figures… And oh! There are also several “secret surprise” keychain figures!

For more info, check out 7-Eleven’s Hello Kitty x tokidoki Wonderland site!

13 thoughts on “7-Eleven Presents Hello Kitty x tokidoki TVC

  1. Veronica

    Where I have been buying mine E-BAY and paying through the nose! I already own four of the first eight in the series with more coming too! I don’t think these will be coming to the U.S. market so I am not waiting and collecting mine NOW!

  2. brenda

    I would also like to know if there are going to be here in the U.s NYC Manhattan?hellokitty fan.crazy in love

  3. kat

    These Hello Kitty keychains are really cute! I’d love to collect all of them! I think I’ll do the same and order online; I want to get these for my niece’s birthday, she just love Hello Kitty!

  4. Maddiline

    You need to sell these in the USA you will make such astounding profits, not just Asians like Kawaii and hello kitty ya know.. xD

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