New tokidoki beauty products exclusively at Sephora!

Friday, August 27, 2010

tokidoki presents a brand new limited edition collection of makeup bags exclusive to Sephora, featuring the new Robbery print.

You can’t get anymore criminally cute than this!

- Matita Pencil Case
- Perfetta Cosmetic Pouch
- Amica Hanging Travel Bag
- Passe Pouches (three different sizes)

Pittura Brush Set

A trio of eye brushes, featuring Donutella (Eyeliner), Mozzarella (Eyeshadow), and Adios Amigos (Crease).

Vanita Mirrors (“Kaiten”, above)

Portable mirror compacts, featuring adorable tokidoki characters, that you can collect and take on the go!

“24 Karat”


Cartina Blotting Paper

This handy, portable compact contains 100 unscented sheets to quickly reduce shine, oil, and refresh your skin.

5 thoughts on “New tokidoki beauty products exclusively at Sephora!

  1. Crystal

    LOVE the new bags, I just ordered the Perfetta, Passe and Matita bags in this print, I have all the other Sephora bags too, and they’re perfect to use as purse and travel bags! I got the Kabuki mirror compact and blot sheets a few weeks ago and I love them both, the mirror is heavy and amazing quality, and the blot sheets work like a charm, and are in a compact/cute package.

  2. carmen

    I’m definitely pro cutesy/punk ass pimped up make up sets. I looove love love the pittura brush set

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