tokidoki for hello kitty!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are excited to bring you our latest collaboration: ‘tokidoki for Hello Kitty’ Check it out! Currently it’s only available in Japan…in a few months it will be available on,, and select U.S. stores!

NOW…the necklace is available for purchase online…


49 thoughts on “tokidoki for hello kitty!

  1. flutie

    will it be available at sanrio stores? like, the one at the mall at millenia in orlando?

    i really want some of this!

  2. lovelovemyv

    Ooooohhh..I was so jealous…I thought the line was only going to be available in Japan…. I adore hello kitty and tokidoki, what a match made in heaven. I’m with Nikole…I’m saving up too! Please hurry!

  3. Caroline

    OH MY GOD I am going to explode with sheer delight and bliss and absolute awe as my two favorite things on the face of this planet come together. I am so glad to have discovered where I want to invest my life savings at such a young age.

    tokidoki… HK… I love you.

  4. Kitty W

    what a great collaboration! i can’t wait!!!! i especially love the cell phone straps! how about a shape of a kitty bag in the style of hong kong creator Morn Creations?

  5. Diana P.

    I live in New York and I was walking in times square I passed the sanrio store and I was so excited to see the TokiDoki and Hellokitty collaboration. I ended up buying everything they had there, it was worth it!!

  6. melanie

    tOkIdOkI i LOVE U!!!!!! :DDDD la collana è spettacolare a dir poco la voglio assolutamenteeee!!!! w l’ITALIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! e W SIMONE LEGNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))) MeLaMoU

  7. gRaCe

    When is it coming to U.S.?! It says April…and it is currently April…yet I have not seen it in any stores!! Has anyone else??

  8. Julez

    They are gorgeous!!!! I love it…thanks to a friend who went to Tokyo…but some items like the bags are sold out!

  9. mandapanda

    apparently, it has already made it’s way to the u.s., but i haven’t seen it either, except on ebay .. my only bet is going to be when it’s available through this site or sanrio .. i’m jealous of everyone else who has tokidoki x hello kitty .. i feel so left out :(

  10. Harumi

    Que bonito todooo, me gusta todo todo todo de Hello Kitty, y quiero tener todito lo saquen de ella. Pero todo =)

  11. nikki

    AWW tokidoki soo adorable. i always wanted a tote bag.
    way to go toki doki you guys rock and are so very cute ^___^
    is it gunna be in canada??

  12. Diana

    OMGoodness! My favorite characters in one. Can someone tell me which stores will carry the purses?

  13. Andrea

    Awwww..i love toki doki for hello kitty..its sooo cute….! everybody says that hello kitty is for little girls, but i love it!!! its soo different from anything else…it has its own style.

  14. angie88

    Ohhh!It’s so lovely!!I love tokidoki and HK, best colaboration ever!! I can wait to buy the wallet!!Please put the products in the store online!!

  15. Candice

    Hey um Simone,
    before, i saw the tokidoki for hello kitty black pencil cases on the tokidoki website, but now…you dont have it anymore? why?
    i wish you would sell it again! Because i loved it! but now im sad because you dont sell it anymore…=(

  16. ilovetokidoki

    yay!!! i love tokidoki + hello kitty!! i so happy i live in japan!! i got it last year! i screamed in the store when i saw it

  17. Ana

    Does anyone one how to spot a fake bag on this collection?! I want to buy one on e-bay but i’m afraid of fakes…

  18. Hello Kitty

    Im Deffinetly going to alamoana 2day and getting that neclace~! IT IS SOOOO CUTE!!!! I LOVEEEE IT!!!

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  21. Johanna




    TNX !

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